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Here is this week’s chapter of Full Circle. I’m having some tech problems and am waiting for new hardware as a result so please bear with me. My books with my former publisher will be pulled down very soon and I will replace them ASAP… just please bear with me and let any other confused readers know I’m working on it… or please send them here so they can read the blogs while they wait.

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About this scene:

This was a scene where I needed to reintroduce the ladies from Serenity or give refreshers to anyone who hadn’t read The Empath for a while (or The Whistleblower.) It is really difficult when you write a series to give enough information that it gives a good enough refresher or introduction without being insanely boring! Still, this scene is packed with crucial information (as every scene is) so I hope that you enjoy.

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Chapter 15 Scene 2

I couldn’t sleep much over the next few days wondering if I really had spoken to Renee or why the guy wanted to attack me. I knew that Sam must be behind it but I also knew that Sam didn’t have a whole lot of friends and his daddy was in prison too so where was he getting the money to hire anybody?

So, I’d tried washing my hands to tell my mom where I was but woke up with the indent of the faucets in my cheek feeling all kinds of dizzy. Nan was icing up my back like she was trying to rub my shoulders and I pulled my head up with a groan. Being sick weren’t a whole lot of fun.

“Shorty, I get that you’re working with the water but if folks are gonna find you, it’ll help if you got braincells left to thank them.” Nan perched on the sink beside me, knitting in hand. “Tiddles was gonna keep you company but he don’t like getting his fur wet.”

A meow sounded somewhere nearby.

“Hey, Tiddles,” I groaned and wobbled upright. “Water is helping me a little.” Sort of, when I weren’t passing out ‘cause of it. “Thought it might help block out stuff.”

Nan click-clicked away. “The laundry still talkin’ to you?”

I nodded and headed to the paper towels. There’d been a dryer but now it was a load of bare plaster. Guessed at some point someone had an issue with it. “An’ now I got two different folks whittling on only the guy is in the office.”

“Now, what he got to say for himself?” Nan swooshed beside me in a nurse’s outfit and stuck a thermometer in my mouth.

“He’s just joined the staff ‘cause he got a girl in trouble and he’s here until he can head back to college.” I nodded when Nan scowled. “Yeah, sounds like a nice guy.”

“This is where you’ll be working. The scum are all dangerous felons. Remember that. They are not dating opportunities.” The supervisor eyed him like he was a dumb kid. “You’re here to assist the staff.”

“Sure,” he said like it was okay for the old guy to talk to him that way. “Why’d I want some crazy following me around?”

The supervisor nodded, looked him up and down, and showed him into the busy wing. It was packed with women heading silently in line somewhere.

Like he’d want some crazy. He’d had enough trouble with crazy women.

I held onto the towel box and sighed. “I think it’s a memory.” I rubbed at my eyes hoping it would clear my vision. “I never seen any of the girls on the wing that quiet.”

Nan nodded. “I can hear them hollering from here.”

I chuckled. “That’s Aimee. She likes to make noise when she’s bored.” I shook off my aching legs. “She got locked up ‘cause she hurt the guys who attacked her sister.” I grabbed a paper towel and wiped the sweat dribbling down my neck. “Renee got me to help her once when they were gonna transfer her out.” I chuckled. “She had the whole wing with bowls on their heads.”

Nan peered up at me. “An’ that makes you sweat?”

“No, the wooziness is makin’ me sweat.” I held onto the wall. “I’m trying to keep talkin’ so I don’t try losing more braincells.”

Nan fussed over me. “You want me to whistle?”

I smiled. “Nope, that’ll just make my ears go funny.” I shuffled my way along, feeling over the cold tiles. “Nora is the fidgety one, she picks at her fingers like crazy. I ain’t real sure what exactly she did but I know she don’t even get to go to review panels.” I used to remember, I was sure I did. “She’s sweet though and shares a cell with Tiz.”

Nan nodded, smiling at me as she put an icy hand on my elbow. “She’s the one who liked shiny stuff.”

“Hey, you know her?” I tried focusing on the door but it was kinda blurry.

“Shorty, if you think I weren’t keeping you company while you were in here, you’re more empty-headed than that father of yours.” Nan felt over my forehead again. “I should whistle.”

I held up my hand. “They won’t hear it, that’s a fire door… and an inmate-throwing-a-fit door. You know so the staff can hide behind it.” I glanced at Nan. “You seen Yasmin, right?”

Nan smiled.

Guess she weren’t allowed to exactly say. “There a reason why you’re going blue.”

“Shorty… don’t go passing out on me…” Nan whistled and it rattled through my head. Hopefully my whistling hadn’t been as loud for Renee.

“Aeron?” The nurse hurried in and caught my arm before I dropped. “Why are you in here alone?”

“I’m fond of you but I been here before an’ I know what happens when folks get escorted places.” I said it hoping that she would find the funny side. I didn’t like to tell her that Val had once confiscated all the cubicle doors ‘cause the metal hinges sent Tiz nuts.

The nurse raised her eyebrows. “I think it’s better I don’t ask too much.” She scanned over my face as if trying to figure me out then took my arm. “Please be reassured that I don’t want to see your butt cheeks but I’ll take that over seeing you unconscious.” She winked at me. “Seeing your butt cheeks only reminds me I don’t go to the gym enough.”

I chuckled and flapped at my gown, the wooziness still threatening as she walked me down the corridor. “If you gave me clothes, you wouldn’t feel like you needed to go to the gym.”

The nurse wagged her finger. “Nice try. You know how hard it is to roll up jumpsuit sleeves?” She tapped my arm. “We can barely find you a gown that fits.”

I shrugged. “It don’t fit that’s why I got cold butt.”

“And I need to go to the gym.” The nurse winked at me and helped me into bed. “No flashing alone.”

I lay back against the pillows and let out a groan of relief. Now, I could pass out.  

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