Boot Camp Act 4 Scene 6

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This week’s scene of Boot Camp and the very mean Yannick has found someone he likes targeting…

Full Circle Update:
So, this week I’ve been hard at work recreating covers for the series which I’m going to put below for you to look at. I’ll show the paperback covers too when I’ve completed them. Yay.
What you will notice if you already are collecting the series is that the ISBN numbers are going to change as my former-publisher decided to be a bit mean and keep them. I’m going to ask for your help if you have reviewed the books before or want to add your say, if you would please place a review on Amazon for other readers who may like the series to know your thoughts. Although I can’t see them or read them myself, I know that it really does help others know if Aeron’s series, Hayfield Manor and La Vie En Bleu are books that they’d enjoy or not!

The Above & Beyond Series’ covers… are designed to show the progress Aeron makes from The Empath to Full Circle. They might have some tweaks before you see them in print but… with some struggling with my vision, I’ve created them. I hope you like and enjoy.

Hayfield Manor retains Sophie on the cover and will be uploaded first onto Amazon because I don’t have many tweaks to make.

As you will see, my painting is still the cover for La Vie En Bleu but I’ve now got the freedom to make extra touches. I will be editing La Vie En Bleu because I had to make hasty enforced changes to the original so I’m going to sure up parts. I will upload that then and when my proof-reader gets through Full Circle, I will upload the series and let you know when you can hit ‘buy’ and also where you can get a ePub version too.
Feel free to heckle Em into reading faster!

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Act 4 Scene 6
Frei struggled through the ice and snow for several hours without air support and with the feeling Yannick had been closing in on her the entire time but, he wasn’t, no he was touching down at the next location he’d hit sure that his target couldn’t resist but help the pathetic. The town was covered in the avalanche he’d set up, one of his favoured methods to lure her in, and the army were busy helping those stuck beneath layers and layers of snow, rock and ice.
Above the town, the sound of a chopper whirred against the building wind, it’s rotor blades slicing through the heavy snow as it strained to lift a large mound of ice from a collapsed section.
He smiled—it hadn’t taken her long to forget she was meant to be hiding. She had never been able to resist a pathetic person needing help. He watched the ice get lifted free and dragged a few metres¬—or feet as the Americans called it¬—and laughed as the rotors strained and groaned.
His cell phone rang and he thought about ignoring it. He didn’t like getting orders and he didn’t like following them.
“You have something useful to say?” he said, in French of course. Why speak lesser languages?
“Why did you take out your point man?” the man answered in a harsh American accent. “Your job was to get rid of the bitch.”
“I take out whomever I choose,” he said, eyes fixed on Tess’s chopper. “I don’t need to bother myself with the bitch, Tess was nowhere near so she can freeze in her mound.”
“Not Hankings,” the guy snapped. “I had a lot of places I could use him.” The man sighed as if anyone cared about his thoughts. “I needed the bitch gone. I needed you to make sure… and that prickly superior they have over there.”
“She will freeze. They both will freeze. I removed parts of the aircraft and those who fly them.” He followed the flight path of the chopper with his eyes then smiled as he pulled his rifle out and set up the sights to focus on the army and those they were attempting to help. “I am busy.”
He cut the line and turned off his phone. The ignorant man would not approve of him shooting at the US military or its citizens but¬—he smiled up at the chopper—Tess needed encouragement to come to him—he loaded his rifle—so he was going to give all the encouragement she needed.

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