Boot Camp Act 4 Scene 8

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I am still waiting for my intrepid proof-reader to get through Full Circle and I have developed another infection so am hoping to feel better soon enough to work on the cover flats (which are the covers for the paperbacks.) That way, Full Circle should be ready for a December release… how does that sound?

This week’s scene of Boot Camp.

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Act 4 Scene 8
Frei shivered as she placed Aeron onto the chopper. Five hours of carrying Aeron through a blizzard and only now had her air support shown up. She was ready to fire everyone on board but she could barely move her hands and Aeron’s breathing was shallow and hard to detect.
“General Frei,” the co-pilot said as she set Aeron onto the stretcher. “We’ve been ordered to fly you to General Jones’ base where there is a medical facility waiting.”
Frei turned and glared at him, trying to show she wasn’t on guard. “I have no reason to fly there.”
The co-pilot smiled as he walked over to the door and grasped the handle. “That’s where Commander Black is.”
“Commander Black has been MIA for years,” she said eying his uniform. They weren’t military and they weren’t the idiots who’d dropped her off.
“No, she’s at the base, waiting for you.” He frowned at her and let the handle go.
She laughed and touched the inside of her arm to her coat checking her gun was still in position. “Renee Black is not at any base but the woman investigating her disappearance is.”
The co-pilot glanced at the pilot who mumbled something into his mic as though speaking to someone else… in French.
“We will still escort you there,” the co-pilot said, reaching inside his flight-jacket.
She grabbed his arm, hit him in the nose and threw him out into the snow then she drew her gun and aimed it at the pilot. “Let go of the controls and take off your mic.”
He laughed and turned back to the controls. The chopper wriggled as though it wasn’t keen to leave the ground.
She went to fire but Aeron’s voice about bullets hit her. Instead she pulled a syringe with a concoction her medical expert had given her and ploughed it into the side of the pilot’s neck.
The chopper clunked back onto its skids and she yanked the unconscious pilot from his seat, ripped off his mic and threw him out into the snow with his friend.
“I’ll get you to safety,” she mumbled to Aeron and shut the door. She strapped Aeron’s stretcher down, pulled out her cell and headed to the pilot seat.
“I’m getting concerned why you aren’t here,” the voice said with a worried tone. “You must be hyperthermic yourself by now.”
Frei shivered again and started the chopper then ran her checks and extra security checks. There wasn’t a locator on the chopper, it had been removed. Good. It would work for her. “I could do with something warm but I need to take Aeron to you and fly to help one of my team.”
“Let me know when you’re close and I’ll ready my staff,” the voice said then sighed. “And I want you to come back and warm up when you’ve rescued your team.”
“I will.” She cut the line and dialled Marney’s number.
No response.
She dialled it again.
No response.
She dialled Fitzpatrick’s number.
“Ma’am,” he said over gunfire. “We’re having some difficulties. We had a rogue rescue team join us and they tried to shoot Marney.” He whistled. “But Marney would impress Renee.”
“Keep her close. She is your POI.” Frei glanced back at Aeron as she lifted the chopper into the air. “Then get your ass to Renee’s location. Bucher is on her trail.”
Fitzpatrick grunted. “Ma’am.”
She cut the line and swung the chopper in the direction of the medical facility gritting her teeth at the swirling snow outside. Guess she was testing her flying skills.

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