A Christmas story to make you chuckle and smile

Hey there,

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a little Christmas story for you. I have had some fun trying to record it and needed to make some of it up as I went along as reading is not very easy… at one point I lost my glasses… at other points I didn’t even know where my glasses had gone.

It was enjoyable to thicken my accent for some characters but hopefully I manage it without making it hard to understand. For those who speak Welsh, my pronunciation of doctor will probably make you howl with laughter but for everyone else… it might sound impressive and… well… I hope you have a good old giggle with me.

Here is the first chapter and I’ll post the next few chapters (there are nine altogether) next weekend or throughout the week (but either way, before Christmas… I’ll keep them all together on each post so you can watch them together or in parts)

Big Smiles!

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