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  • May your Christmas be bright!

    May your Christmas be bright!

    Hello! Ferb and I were thinking about how we could celebrate Christmas with you. Normally we would put up the books for free over the holiday but as I have tried and failed to figure out how to do that without being on Kindle Unlimited… So… we’ve come up with a furry plan…   So […]

  • Reading from Love’s Bridge

    Reading from Love’s Bridge

    Hey there!   Hope you’re all having a lovely day. I wanted to share two readings from Love’s Bridge for you. They are the first two pieces in the collection. Breathtaking, you are – Is me adding in a touch of prose. 22 Carrots In The Snow – This is the follow-up piece to Fields of Gold which was in the Stories […]

  • Love’s Bridge

    Love’s Bridge

    Hey! I wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate love. I wanted to share my love for writing and my characters. So, I’ve taken you on a journey, from my first characters in a romance, Alina and Frauke, to Aeron, Pippa, Mable, Prince Raph and more. These little snippets of stories from characters […]

  • Patients Plea…

    I posted an open poem about my experiences and those of others and find myself drawn back to it a lot lately, so I am re-posting (which I don’t often do) in case it helps others who are lost in the modern medical machine. (And, I even read it to you!) Big Smiles, Look Into […]

  • Patient’s plea

    Hi guys, I hope you are all having a lovely week. I have been thinking about a way to put my experiences into words and out popped a poem. Then I wanted to add an audio track of me reading it… so did. It’s an open poem to those working in medical professions drawn from […]

  • A little touch of Wales – And a snippet from The Empath!

    Aeron’s gearing up with a little preview! A little touch of Wales – And a snippet from The Empath!.

  • Of The Past – A Poem for DDay

    Of The Past – A Poem for DDay.

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