May your Christmas be bright!

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Ferb and I were thinking about how we could celebrate Christmas with you. Normally we would put up the books for free over the holiday but as I have tried and failed to figure out how to do that without being on Kindle Unlimited… So… we’ve come up with a furry plan…Ferb and tree.jpg


So – all the self-published books: (they are all UK Amazon Links so please go to your home Amazon to find them :-))

If The Shoe Fits,

Love’s Bridge,

Best Maid Plans

& Beached


will all be £1.99 on Kindle (and equivalent in other currencies – which is the lowest price I’m allowed to put in!) BUT they will also be FREE on matchbook – so if you have the Paperback, you should be able to download the ebook for free.

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As this can take a while to upload, I’m going to leave them at that price throughout the holidays. So that means you can get 200,000 words, two novels, one novella, and a collection of short stories for £7.96 – so 4 books for the price of one!


Meanwhile, Ferb has been staking out the Christmas Tree hoping for his presents to slide his way while no one is looking.

But he was bribed into doing some Christmas pictures for you…

It’s been a busy year for the both of us so you can imagine he’s a touch tired and wants to cuddle up with his slippers…


— We’ve had fun with lots of friends this year – from going to the BSB event in Nottingham, Hebden Bridge Happy Valley Pride, Ellcon, Jericho Writer’s Festival of Writing in York…

— We’ve seen the release of Love’s Bridge, In Fashion and Black Ridge Falls

— Met some amazing new friends and caught up with some amazing old friends.

— Had great fun during the beautiful heatwave, watched World Cup Champions play and cheered on Wales who nearly, so very nearly, got the chance to be part of that competition.

— I’ve worked hard and told you all about how I feel confidence wise.

— I’ve opened up my heart to yours through reposted poetry and my own story

— And Aeron has even popped in to say hi… and with Renee and Frei!

— And we even launched our own store!

— And, as always, my Whistleblower episodes remain FREE to download which tells Susan’s story (who you meet in Black Ridge Falls) and stars our girls Aeron, Renee and Frei too. Susan has her own Christmas Story  from series 1 and series 2.

— There is also a FREE Christmas short story The Little Worker and I’m in Ylva’s Christmas Anthology Love Just Is, which I’m told is FREE over Christmas…

Now that’s got to be worth a smile!

Whoever you are, whether you celebrate Christmas or you don’t, Ferb and I pray you are filled with love, laughter and light and may your Christmas be merry and bright.




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