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HI there,Well, there’s no blog-stories for you this week… you see, I thought you’d probably prefer to read Full Circle and enjoy finding out if Aeron is doing okay… so I worked on it and Em slept a lot (as in when normal people sleep) and I worked some more and then… well… you know what… I thought… it’s nearly…

Brief pause from Boot Camp – Update on Full Circle

Hi there,I’m pausing Boot Camp this week to update you on Full Circle and all my books. With a very heavy heart, I left my publisher this week. I was hoping that they would be a part of giving you Aeron’s full series but… unfortunately it hasn’t worked out that way. That means I’m going to go it alone and…

Renee and Frei ‘A New Assignment’ Scene 3

Hey there,
Here is this week’s episode of Renee & Frei co-starring some fond familiar faces. Hope you enjoy!
Please excuse any typos and bloopers!(and there are a few special neurological-style ones!)
Big Smiles,