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Review of Best Maid Plans!

Hey guys!    Just a quick blog to post a link to Velvet Lounger’s review for Best Maid Plans. Self-publishing is quite tough in the sense that you’re not sure if readers will follow you; if they’re going to give you a shot if they’ve never seen your work before, or if you’ve done everything correctly so people can actually…

Ooh La La! C’est… er… the cover

Ooh la la… indeed! I know, I couldn’t resist the title. (apologies to the lovely French folk out there.) As you might have cottoned on to the fact that these next few months are pretty busy here in JK territory. Blind Trust is taxiing so don’t worry, Aeron is gearing up to fly your way very soon! Until then I…

Romance & All That

A thriller writer attempting romance? Surely not!   What would I know about slushy stuff anyway?   Well, La Vie En Bleu was one of the most enjoyable books that I’ve ever written. My approach for the book was to fill it was as much light, laughter and my own daftness as possible.