The Whistleblower – free downloadable series.

Episode 1b copy

If you read this week’s blog , then you would know that I’m going to be writing and posting up a series of episodes on my blog which stars Susan (mentioned in The Empath) and co-stars some of your favourite characters from The Above and Beyond Series. (I couldn’t get Mrs. Squirrel in, she’s busy and she doesn’t like bars.)

I’ll be posting up episodes as I write them (monthly… if I can – please be patient!) If you ever wondered just what went on in Serenity Hills, here’s Susan’s story.

Episode 1: Easily Agitated is up for you to read/download and read and enjoy!

Big Smiles!



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  1. […] In Serenity, of all places, I kinda got to likin’ it more. It wasn’t so much that we got nothin’ special to eat but we’d make the most of it. Like when Doc Llys and the girls made a Thanksgiving feast of their own. Another time, Lynn, who was a cell mate of mine way back when, stole stuff from the guard’s meal to spread out between me an’ her. Funny the holiday always makes me think of those who have given me light when I wasn’t able to see it for myself. Even Doc Gossett was always on hand to help out. Sometimes, I kinda wondered what happened with her… […]

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