The Whistleblower – Episode 10

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Hi guys,

I’ve been enjoying working on Black Ridge Falls and it’s funny writing up the ideas for both The Whistleblower and Aeron’s series because, slowly but surely, I’m getting to peel back all the little layers I spent a lot of time sweating over to put in place.

It’s exciting that Aeron’s series fits in with Susan’s story because I can fill in little details and make sure both compliment each other while remaining stand-alone. I think that these snippets of Susan, Frei, Renee and Aeron help me realise how far they’ve come as characters.

If you enjoyed Hindsight, you might see the difference in Frei and have a good idea where both Frei and Renee were mentally when they met their little Missourian. Hopefully it shows how much Aeron has helped them find their hearts but also how very courageous and dedicated both Frei and Renee are.

To me, Renee is a real unsung hero. She doesn’t have the shades like Frei, she’s not laid-back like Aeron or as eccentric as Aunt Bess and she gets emotional, she gets things wrong but that feisty temper; that very human, very heartfelt passion, gives others the platform to shine. I’m enjoying showing more of Renee too as we move through the series but I’m also hoping that these episodes go some way to showing how hard working, how resourceful and just how cool Renee is in her own right.

I hope you’re enjoying the downloads as Susan’s impromptu vacation isn’t quite going to plan…

The Whistleblower – episode 10

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