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  • All The Fun of The Festival!

      Wow, what a fortnight. About a fortnight ago, I was in my local Accident & Emergancy department. (ER for the folks across the pond.) My wheelchair had one footrest and the back was held in place with cable ties. I’m lucky that I can’t really remember a lot of it but I know I […]

  • Summer Fun

    June is always an exciting time for me, generally because it is my birthday month and a few other people I know! This June has been a fun one so far as last Sunday saw the lunch of my book Blind Trust and I got to follow that up with a fun day at the […]

  • Standing in the Spotlight by Jody Klaire (plus two FREE books)

    On the women and words blog!

  • Celebrating!

    I got another chance to be a part of the wonderful website, blog and show that is Liz McMullen. The challenge was to pick something from the news. As you may realise that I like to make mine happy news and so I’m celebrating a hero of mine!   On another celebratory note. […]

  • Ready For Take-Off

      I hope you are all as excited as me about Blind Trust? You are? Yay! Well, this blog today is just to give you and update and let you know that it’ll be with you very shortly. In the meantime, Renee and Aeron are at the front of the plane and are waiting to […]

  • On The Runway!

    It’s a bit blustery outside today which has been making Fergus look as though he’s performing in a shampoo commercial. His gold locks have been flowing when not drenched by the downpours. Ah yes, Wimbledon much be approaching! In news more interesting to you, Blind Trust has rolled out onto the runway. We’re waiting for […]

  • Not Such A Small Frei

    In the build up to Blind Trust, I’ve chatted about Renee and her involvement in the series, I’ve talked about the opening lines and how I approached following up The Empath. This week, I thought I’d talk about one of my favourite characters, Ursula Frei. When Renee decided to change up the series by muscling […]

  • Opening Lines

    How to begin? How do you start a story? I like to express the heart of the tale in that opening line. I like it to make sense of the character and to book. It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of writing for me. How to sum up a story in one […]

  • Renee Black  Not Just An Extra

    There’s some characters who have ambitions. They have bigger ideas than the ones you had planned for them. In The Empath, Renee Black is the epitome of this. She was meant to be an extra. A pain to irritate and hound Aeron and then gracefully take her exit stage left… The first line and Aeron’s own […]

  • Getting in the mood… for trust!

    When I set out to write The Empath, I was hoping that people would love Aeron. It’s been so exciting to see that she’s made lots of friends. May should see Blind Trust taking off and I hope that you are as excited as I am to spend more time with her. Currently, I’m working on […]

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