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  • Renee and Frei ‘A New Assignment’ Scene 1

    Renee and Frei ‘A New Assignment’ Scene 1

    Hey there, I know that lots of you are excited to find out how Aeron is doing in Full Circle and I get lots of queries into when book seven of the series will be published but Frei has told me that we’re not at liberty to say right now… so I decided to give you something extra, a little bit sneaky, and with copious amounts of hair gel, whiskey and stormy grays. As Renee and Frei are currently trying to locate Aeron, it seems only fair that they keep us updated on their search, right? Even if that means they need to take a bit of a detour because you know what Aeron always says about detours… I hope you enjoy and I’ll do my best to keep these a weekly fix for all Aeron-addicts to calm those withdrawal symptoms until Aeron’s all spruced up and ready to dazzle you Lorelei-style. As always, please forgive any typos or any bloopers on my attempted reading. Sight is not a strength of mine at the moment and I did try not to giggle when I said ‘Caucasian trousers…’ Big Smiles, Jody

  • Queer Tango Episode 18: All About Feeling!

    Hi there, I hope you’re smiling and ready to enjoy this week’s Queer Tango: All About Feeling! There is also an audio recording for those with difficulties reading or just prefer to hear the episode. Feathers is doing well and checking in daily and we are pleased to report that another furry (well spiky) friend Prickles the hedgehog was rescued, warmed up, fed and went a-scurrying on her way! Hurray! Big Smiles, Jody

  • It’s great up north!

    Hey there, It feels like I haven’t written any updates for you  in ages as things have been tough health-wise recently. I seem to say this often but I didn’t think that I’d make it up to Hebden Bridge a few times because I was struggling. With a dodgy eye, heart and various other problems […]

  • Happy Valley Pride!

    Happy Valley Pride!

    Hey there, I have been fighting to get fit enough to be at both LFEST and Hebden Bridge but I’m still having some visual issues. I will do a Vlog to update you soon but for now I hope to catch you at Happy Valley Pride (I’ve even worked hard on a video promo for […]

  • An adventure in Nottingham…

    So, it’s been a bit of a rough ride. I wasn’t quite sure I was going to get to the recent author event in Nottingham. As you know, if you read my blog now and again, health is not exactly a forte of mine. That’s putting it mildly sometimes! The background to this event is […]

  • A blog, some FREE stuff, and a Q&A

    A blog, some FREE stuff, and a Q&A

    Hey there, Well, I’ve been offline for a little while because I had to go through some medical stuff but I wanted to catch up with you and say hi! And when I say hi, I talk… A LOT. So you have my blog, something FREE I’m announcing, and a Q&A… how’s that? Sound good? […]

  • May your Christmas be bright!

    May your Christmas be bright!

    Hello! Ferb and I were thinking about how we could celebrate Christmas with you. Normally we would put up the books for free over the holiday but as I have tried and failed to figure out how to do that without being on Kindle Unlimited… So… we’ve come up with a furry plan…   So […]

  • To A T

    To A T

    Before we go into the blog, please watch the short video so you can understand, from me to you, what I’m up to.   Watched it? Great. Now you know where I’m coming from, I can chat to you about my adventure. In Fashion took a lot of research. It features a TV show called […]

  • Changing Images

    Changing Images

    Hey! I’m in the midst of writing at the moment on several different projects, editing, and racking up hospital miles but wanted to drop in and say hi. Whatever I’m writing, it teaches me something new and the experiences day to day seem to filter into the book. With Aeron’s series, I talk about captivity […]

  • Review, Q&A, a giveaway and even Em!

    Review, Q&A, a giveaway and even Em!

    Hey! Well, if any of you are in Bristol for the ELLCON, then you will be able to catch Ferb, Em and I causing chaos. The lovely ELLCON team decided to plough through my books to see if they were any good which you can see, here… ELLCON BLOG They rugby-tackled me (ankle tap to […]

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