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  • If The Shoe Fits

    If The Shoe Fits

    I don’t know about you but I loved pantomimes as a kid and the theatre so when I was thinking of something to submit for the GCLS Writing Academy Anthology, naturally, that’s where my thoughts went. One of the characters in the story decides that Cinderella needs a change which sparked my imagination. So… what […]

  • Hindsight – A Rainbow Winner!

    Hindsight – A Rainbow Winner!

    Well, I’m delighted to say that Hindsight has won a Rainbow Award (alongside the wonderful Cari Hunter.) So, I’m celebrating my first ever award… HURRAY! Many thanks to the team over at the Rainbow Awards…  I’m off to enjoy chocolate in celebration! YAY!   Big, big smiles!  

  • Noble Heart… Out Now!

    Noble Heart… Out Now!

    Hi Guys, Well, I’ll make this a quick one… Noble Heart is out now! Hurray!   Big Smiles,  

  • The Whistleblower – Part II – Episode 7

    The Whistleblower – Part II – Episode 7

    Hey guys, Well, here’s Susan’s latest outing. I hope you enjoy. Those of you who are enjoying The Above & Beyond Series may enjoy some of the little snippets about our girls. Enjoy! Whistleblower – Part II- Episode 7: Arrhythmia   Big Smiles!

  • Best Maid Plans gets a mention

    Best Maid Plans gets a mention

    Hey guys!  Pip and Co. were blessed enough to get an honorable mention from the Rainbow Awards!  1) Funny romance. Well written and flowed easily. Loved all of the characters and found them very well developed. Best Maid Plans – Honourable Mention  Hurray! Thank you to the Rainbow Awards for your kind words ☺😊 Big […]

  • Thanksgiving with Aeron

    Thanksgiving with Aeron

    Hey folks,  Well I been real busy with Renee and Frei ’cause we’re staying in Frei’s place. It’s getting kinda cold here and I don’t much like the cold. Good thing that Frei got her big ol’ fire crackling and she left the speech thing on her computer on (or hunk of junk as Aunt […]

  • Honorable Mentions!

    Honorable Mentions!

    One of the fun things about the Rainbow Awards is the Honorable Mentions. It’s always lovely to know if someone liked your book and it’s exciting when your work gets that mention. The Rainbow Awards raise a lot of money for some incredible causes so you feel good just taking part. Getting a mention on […]

  • Interactive Author!

    Interactive Author!

    Hi Guys,   Hope you’re enjoying The Whistleblower – Here is part II of Interactive Author. Don’t forget to leave your questions! Hope you enjoyed, Fergus really was soaking! Big Smiles,  

  • The Whistleblower – Part II – Episode 4: Betablocker

    The Whistleblower – Part II – Episode 4: Betablocker

    Hi guys! Here’s this months episode of The Whistleblower. We’re getting into the mystery a bit deeper now and poor Susan is getting a bit frazzled. Don’t forget you’ve got the new releases: Beached and Best Maid Plans!     I haven’t had an update on Noble Heart as yet but when I know… I’ll keep you updated. […]

  • Revitalise


    Hi guys,  One of the fun parts about writing is when you’re feeling inspired. I think, sometimes, when you’re releasing books and thinking about the business side, it can really take away the part that made you want to write in the first place.  Personally, I love every stage of the writing process but I’ve […]

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