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The Whistleblower – Episode 10

Hi guys, I’ve been enjoying working on Black Ridge Falls and it’s funny writing up the ideas for both The Whistleblower and Aeron’s series because, slowly but surely, I’m getting to peel back all the little layers I spent a lot of time sweating over to put in place. It’s exciting that Aeron’s series fits in with Susan’s story because I can fill…

The Whistleblower – Episode 9

Susan is convinced that inmate Aeron Lorelei is unresponsive for physical reasons as well as grief over her friend Yasmin. With a little help from two agents, she’s able to stumble on a diagnosis… and it sheds light on some of her previous cases… but can she help Aeron or will Mainz block her way?

The Whistleblower – Episode 8

Hi Guys! Hope you’re having a lovely week. Here is the next episode of The Whistleblower. I hope you enjoy. The Whistleblower – Episode 8: Sticky Situation Big Smiles!  

The Whistleblower: Episode 7

Hi Guys, I hope you are having a nice week. Here’s the next installment of The Whistleblower. I hope that you enjoy! Episode 7 – Under Observation   Big Smiles!

The Whistleblower Christmas Special!

  Hi Guys! I hope you’re looking forward to the holidays. I know it isn’t always an easy time for some, and if it is tough for you, I hope that you find peace and calm. If you love Christmas, hurray! Christmas to me is a special time for so many reasons and is filled with warm memories of those…

The Whistleblower – Episode 5: Passes Out

HI Guys,   As you can see, I’ve uploaded the next episode of The Whistleblower for you. It was nice to spend some time with Frei and Renee in this one too. There are little pointers in it toward Hindsight so I hope that you enjoy spotting them. I still haven’t got a release date for Hindsight yet but I’m told it’ll be very…

The Whistleblower – free downloadable series.

If you read this week’s blog , then you would know that I’m going to be writing and posting up a series of episodes on my blog which stars Susan (mentioned in The Empath) and co-stars some of your favourite characters from The Above and Beyond Series. (I couldn’t get Mrs. Squirrel in, she’s busy and she doesn’t like bars.)