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  • Boot Camp Act 5 Scene 2

    Hi there, This week’s scene of Boot Camp Big Smiles, Jody Act 5 Scene 2Renee straightened out her uniform and tried not to wince as she limped out onto the sizzling main drag of the CIG base. Frei hadn’t returned from training and neither had Aeron. Frei had told her that she was taking Aeron […]

  • Exclusive online preview: Full Circle – Chapter 19 Scene 2

    Hi There,Well, I’m working my way through the typeset and enjoying how Aeron’s story looks as it will in print (and on eBook) which is very exciting. I’m hoping to get the book out to you before Christmas…Also, I realised that Hayefield Manor got an honorable mention in the Rainbow Awards, hurray! “LOVED THIS BOOK. […]

  • Boot Camp Act 5 Scene 1

    Hi there This week’s scene of Boot Camp. Big Smiles, Jody Act 5 Scene 1 Frei chewed her empty polystyrene coffee cup as she listened to the updates from Fitzpatrick and Spokes all while pacing up and down the small corridor in a small but well-equipped hidden medical clinic. “Status update, Agent Fitzpatrick,” Fitzpatrick fired […]

  • Exclusive Online Preview: Full Circle – Chapter 19

    Hi There, Okay, I’m working toward a draft publication slot at the moment (which I’ll tell you as soon as I’m convinced it’s feasible) and then hopefully, you can re-read all these chapters and the rest without my waffling! Big Smiles, Jody My thoughts: What is an Aeron story without Mrs. Squirrel popping in? and… […]

  • Exclusive online preview: Full Circle – Chapter 18 Scene 2

    Hi There,Here is this week’s scene of Full Circle. I’m currently still waiting on my intrepid proof-reader (but she’s been a bit under the weather) so I’m hoping to report some more progress for you soon.You’re probably wondering how I am feeding you so many chapters while we wait but, thankfully, the book has a […]

  • Boot Camp Act 4 Scene 9

    Hi there, This week’s scene of Boot Camp. Big Smiles, Jody Act 4 Scene 9 Renee landed the chopper not sure why her entire body had started shaking in mid-air as though she’d been plunged into ice. She hadn’t been able to carry on flying… and she shouldn’t have been flying with no peripheral vision […]

  • Boot Camp Act 4 Scene 8

    Hi there,I am still waiting for my intrepid proof-reader to get through Full Circle and I have developed another infection so am hoping to feel better soon enough to work on the cover flats (which are the covers for the paperbacks.) That way, Full Circle should be ready for a December release… how does that […]

  • Boot Camp Act 4 Scene 6

    Hi there,This week’s scene of Boot Camp and the very mean Yannick has found someone he likes targeting… Full Circle Update:So, this week I’ve been hard at work recreating covers for the series which I’m going to put below for you to look at. I’ll show the paperback covers too when I’ve completed them. Yay.What […]

  • Boot Camp Act 4 Scene 4

    Hi There,This week’s Boot Camp sees Aeron with a familiar face… hope you enjoy. Update on Full Circle.My hardware is on its way so hopefully I will be able to start working on Full Circle soon. I’m excited and nervous about sharing the book with you and I’ll keep you updated on progress. Big Smiles, […]

  • Exclusive online preview: Full Circle

    Hi There, I’m still waiting on my new computer (which will take a week or so) and then I will start work on bringing you Full Circle… and making sure the series is up and available to buy with some shiny new additions so for now, I hope that you enjoy reading this week’s scene and […]

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