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Queer Tango

Hey there,
I’m currently editing Hayefield Manor ready to send back to my editor but I paused to create the newest episode of Queer Tango. I hope it’s giving you a chuckle!
Big Smiles,

Love’s Bridge

Hey! I wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate love. I wanted to share my love for writing and my characters. So, I’ve taken you on a journey, from my first characters in a romance, Alina and Frauke, to Aeron, Pippa, Mable, Prince Raph and more. These little snippets of stories from characters you know and those new…

If The Shoe Fits

I don’t know about you but I loved pantomimes as a kid and the theatre so when I was thinking of something to submit for the GCLS Writing Academy Anthology, naturally, that’s where my thoughts went. One of the characters in the story decides that Cinderella needs a change which sparked my imagination. So… what if the prince wasn’t a…