Review of Best Maid Plans!

Hey guys!    Just a quick blog to post a link to Velvet Lounger's review for Best Maid Plans. Self-publishing is quite tough in the sense that you're not sure if readers will follow you; if they're going to give you a shot if they've never seen your work before, or if you've done everything [...]

The Falcons

I loved playing rugby; I loved training; I loved windswept, rain battered nights on a molehill riddled patch of green with trains rattling past. I can hear “the boss’s” Northern lilt calling out training drills. The cold would burn my throat until I warmed up but there was nothing like the feel of the dimpled [...]

The Whistleblower – Episode 8

Hi Guys! Hope you're having a lovely week. Here is the next episode of The Whistleblower. I hope you enjoy. The Whistleblower - Episode 8: Sticky Situation Big Smiles!  

The Whistleblower – free downloadable series.

If you read this week's blog , then you would know that I'm going to be writing and posting up a series of episodes on my blog which stars Susan (mentioned in The Empath) and co-stars some of your favourite characters from The Above and Beyond Series. (I couldn't get Mrs. Squirrel in, she's busy and she doesn't [...]

Greetings & Fun!

Hi guys, Hope you are having a lovely week. If you’re in the UK, hope you’re enjoying the mini-heatwave too! I have been working hard to put together my website greetings and the first two are ready. The German welcome is quite an exciting one for me because I’ve only been learning German since the [...]

Putting A Roof On It – Part II

  I thought about different ways to catch your eye with my special blog today. After having a big think, (it hurt) and asking Ferb for some paws of thought, I decided to say it with a short story. It follows on from Fields of Gold. So please enjoy and if you really want to [...]

Ooh La La! C’est… er… the cover

Ooh la la... indeed! I know, I couldn’t resist the title. (apologies to the lovely French folk out there.) As you might have cottoned on to the fact that these next few months are pretty busy here in JK territory. Blind Trust is taxiing so don’t worry, Aeron is gearing up to fly your way [...]

On The Runway!

It's a bit blustery outside today which has been making Fergus look as though he's performing in a shampoo commercial. His gold locks have been flowing when not drenched by the downpours. Ah yes, Wimbledon much be approaching! In news more interesting to you, Blind Trust has rolled out onto the runway. We're waiting for [...]

On The Liz McMullen Show

  Hey guys! If you enjoyed meeting Aeron and are looking forward to Blind Trust, I had the pleasure of being on Liz McMullen's Show. As always Liz makes it fun and enjoys tormenting me. It's always wonderful to chat to her and I hope you enjoy the interview!

Author chat

Tonight was another little landmark for me and Aeron. An authorchat at the wonderful SWUSU with some very warm, welcoming folks. It was so much fun to babble on about my writing and about the publishing industry as a whole. I hope it's the first of many chances to show just what incredible books are [...]