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  • Candleford – Episode 1: Not Quite A Hero

    Candleford – Episode 1: Not Quite A Hero

    Aggie isn’t your usual go to person to fix things… but sometimes the problem needs a more… disreputable touch…

  • Black Ridge Falls

    Black Ridge Falls

    Calling all Aeron fans… I am busy editing Black Ridge Falls… and I hope to be able to give you more on the release but I’m told it should be out soon… So, I’d better got on with my edits… *rolls up sleeves* Please enjoy the video below which will tell you a little bit more and […]



    Friends, folks, and furry things, lend me your spectacles… Well, put them on, I don’t really need yours. I have my own. I’ve just had the nod from Ylva to tell me In Fashion will be available at Ellcon on Thursday (23rd) for you to get your advance copy! Hurray! So if you are at […]

  • On The Road!

    On The Road!

    Being an author is a dual experience sometimes. Most of the year, you lock yourself away with imaginary people and live in that created world. That’s the everyday side of it. But then, you have to change out of your PJs, travel to different places and be part of the excitement, sensory battering, rollercoaster that […]

  • BINGO!!!


    Hi all! Yes, it’s summer, yes it’s grab-a-book-and-lounge-by-the-pool time, yes… it is time for BOOK BINGO! Wonderful author, Jae, has come up with an amazing way to get you enjoying and perhaps winning FREE books. Yup, you heard me. So grab your dabber, dust off your bingo wings (even better if you already have a […]

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