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  • Exclusive online preview: Full Circle – Chapter 19 Scene 2

    Hi There,Well, I’m working my way through the typeset and enjoying how Aeron’s story looks as it will in print (and on eBook) which is very exciting. I’m hoping to get the book out to you before Christmas…Also, I realised that Hayefield Manor got an honorable mention in the Rainbow Awards, hurray! “LOVED THIS BOOK. […]

  • Review of Untrained Eye

    Hi there, I wanted to do a separate blog to say thank you to Carol at LesBiReviewed for her lovely review of Untrained Eye. It’s been a few years since I wrote it but I have to thank my editor for helping me get the setting right (she works very hard.) We used street views […]

  • The Empath: Book Review

    Hi there, I wanted to share a review of Aeron’s series from The Lesbian Review (TLR), The Empath by Jody Klaire: Book Review that made me smile.

  • Confidence Boost

    Confidence Boost

    My confidence is low at the moment. (What an opening line. Feel the tension? Thought so. I’m unstoppable sometimes.) I know all writers experience a lack of confidence and I know it’s a universal theme whoever you are which is why I wanted to hold my hands up and say that’s how I’m feeling. So […]

  • Review, Q&A, a giveaway and even Em!

    Review, Q&A, a giveaway and even Em!

    Hey! Well, if any of you are in Bristol for the ELLCON, then you will be able to catch Ferb, Em and I causing chaos. The lovely ELLCON team decided to plough through my books to see if they were any good which you can see, here… ELLCON BLOG They rugby-tackled me (ankle tap to […]

  • Noble Heart Gets A Review

    Noble Heart Gets A Review

    Hey Guys! In my flu-bitten state over Christmas I forgot to share the review of Noble Heart for you. It’s wonderful to see how everyone enjoying it and cheering Aeron on. 🙂 Book five of the epic Above and Beyond Series and this is the best yet. It’s sometimes hard to find new things to […]

  • Best Maid Plans gets a mention

    Best Maid Plans gets a mention

    Hey guys!  Pip and Co. were blessed enough to get an honorable mention from the Rainbow Awards!  1) Funny romance. Well written and flowed easily. Loved all of the characters and found them very well developed. Best Maid Plans – Honourable Mention  Hurray! Thank you to the Rainbow Awards for your kind words ☺😊 Big […]

  • Honorable Mentions!

    Honorable Mentions!

    One of the fun things about the Rainbow Awards is the Honorable Mentions. It’s always lovely to know if someone liked your book and it’s exciting when your work gets that mention. The Rainbow Awards raise a lot of money for some incredible causes so you feel good just taking part. Getting a mention on […]

  • New Review for Beached!

    New Review for Beached!

    Hey guys, Hope you’re having a great week! I just wanted to share a quick post with Velvet Lounger’s review of Beached. It’s so important for authors when people take the time to read and post reviews on our work. I can tell you that I love Beached and I’ve worked hard on it but then it’s out […]

  • Review of Best Maid Plans!

    Review of Best Maid Plans!

    Hey guys!    Just a quick blog to post a link to Velvet Lounger’s review for Best Maid Plans. Self-publishing is quite tough in the sense that you’re not sure if readers will follow you; if they’re going to give you a shot if they’ve never seen your work before, or if you’ve done everything […]

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