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  • May your Christmas be bright!

    May your Christmas be bright!

    Hello! Ferb and I were thinking about how we could celebrate Christmas with you. Normally we would put up the books for free over the holiday but as I have tried and failed to figure out how to do that without being on Kindle Unlimited… So… we’ve come up with a furry plan…   So […]

  • Reading from Love’s Bridge

    Reading from Love’s Bridge

    Hey there!   Hope you’re all having a lovely day. I wanted to share two readings from Love’s Bridge for you. They are the first two pieces in the collection. Breathtaking, you are – Is me adding in a touch of prose. 22 Carrots In The Snow – This is the follow-up piece to Fields of Gold which was in the Stories […]

  • The Whistleblower Part II – Episode 3: Pacemaker

    The Whistleblower Part II – Episode 3: Pacemaker

    Hi Guys!   It’s been a bit of a busy month with releasing two versions of Best Maid Plans as I wanted to provide the same story but give more readers a chance to connect to Pippa and Friends. Best Maid Plans – with Pip and Rebecca as you remembered them from La Vie En Bleu. And Best Maid Plans […]

  • Q & A on the series and writing

    ​Mrs Squirrel is busy collecting nuts for the winter. I know you’re all very patiently (or impatiently if you’re like me) waiting for the release of Hindsight. So I thought I’d answer some questions on the series, on Hindsight and on Pip. What inspired the series?  The Above and Beyond Series was mostly inspired by […]

  • Inspiration

    We saw a gentleman today who was sat in his car outside our local church. We’ve seen him a few times now so smiled and said hello. He told us that he was writing and that he visits the area for inspiration. We left him to his thoughts but it was nice to see someone […]

  • Blogs in GT and Diva

    Hey guys! Some exciting news if you’re a reader of GT or Diva magazines! You might spot a  certain author… or at least my books!

  • Spring In Bloom

    Hey guys, The weather has decided give us a bit of sun between hail storms, rain and wind, so no doubt lots of people here are trying to remember where they’ve put their sunglasses.

  • Happy Mother’s Day!

    Hi there!   It’s Mothering Sunday here in the U.K and I was delighted with Ferb going out to buy flowers and a card. He must have been saving his puppy pocket money on the sly, bless him. There’s different types of mothers in both The Above And Beyond Series and La Vie en Bleu. […]

  • Paperback release update and Q&A

      Hey guys, Hope you’re having a lovely day. I had an update from BInk on the paperback release so I thought I’d let you know and I’ve been getting lots of emails and messages so I thought I’d answer some questions! First up, thank you for the patience with the switch over to IPG, […]

  • Series, shows, and smiling at being a student

    It feels funny knowing that this week I finished the first draft of Hindsight (Above & Beyond Book IV,) and Untrained Eye is in the hanger being given the sparkly treatment. Yet, sometimes it’s easy to forget that Blind Trust is the installment you’re all on! When I was talking to Liz McMullen on her […]

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